• I cannot recommend Sue and the team at Romsey Physiotherapy Clinic highly enough. Sue and Steve have led me through a variety of joint replacements and most recently a rotator cuff repair, with amazing results. I now am able to function without pain and Sue is always at hand to advise with any little “blip”! The whole team are very welcoming and treatment is always with a smile. You are all brilliant, thank you. - Liz

  • Over many years I have been returning to Romsey Physio Clinic with damaged knees, shoulders and hips and they are always quite brilliant.- Jane

  • I really can’t thank you enough for fixing us up. Your continued thirst for better ways of practicing physiotherapy, blended with your profound knowledge of anatomy has helped both Alan and me over many years.Our bodies let us down as we age, bringing with it unwanted “failures” particularly after having been so active that bits are wearing out too soon.After having had a hip replacement a few years ago I was left with some of these unwanted failures.  However, we are so lucky to have Romsey Physiotherapy where they used excellent knowledge and techniques to give me back my ability to enjoy walking again.  This has always been my number one activity.  I was even able to walk to the top of Snowden this summer, not bad for a 70 year old. So thank you Sue and your team for such a professional approachable practice. - Alan & Denise

  • My transformation has been truly amazing. I have received excellent care from Sue and her team at regular intervals following 20 years of autoimmune disease and 3 major abdominal surgeries. My muscle tone and mobility were severely affected to the point of causing more life limiting issues. I credit Sue with restoring my full agility and fitness. I run, cycle, enjoy exercise classes, garden and decorate now. Whenever health problems catch up with me, Sue gives me a booster therapy to build my strength right back up. The team's approach is exceptional and has changed my daily life where others could not. Obviously I recommend the team wholeheartedly. - Susan

  • All staff in the practice are extremely kind and sympathetic. The Physiotherapists are friendly, skilled and to be thoroughly recommended for their diagnostic skills and range of skills. I have lived in many places and seen many physio’s and none match their capabilities.- Penny

  • As a 76-year-old grandmother I have, predictably. suffered from incontinence for decades. The problem is all too common, you can make it through the front door but not as far as the loo.


    The NHS offered advice from a continence nurse. I did the exercises two or three times a day and the condition improved by about 10 per cent. Better, but still far from good.


    Then, a friend with the same problem, told me she goes to see Sue Mills and had learned her muscle activation treatment. I hot-footed it round to her clinic. 

    Yes, you have to do the exercises every day, twice a day is better. And you wouldn't take it up as a hobby; it's on the uncomfortable side. But, Eureka, it works. Now about 80 per cent improved. I'm never going to achieve the pelvic floor or a 20-year-old virgin but it's now manageable.


    I'd recommend learning the technique and teaching it to all your patients with incontinence.- Carole

  • I am delighted with the work Romsey physiotherapy have done over many years helping me live actively despite a prolapsed disc. For over a year now I have been on Romsey Physio's "Activation program" which specifically is tailored to sporty folk my interest is golf. I am simply dumbfounded by its results I am now instinctively using the correct muscle groups and the direct effect of that are a lower handicap and more power. Interestingly my back has not had its usual annual flare up yet.... I cannot recommend it enough!  - Mark

  • When I first visited Sue over 4 years ago I was totally depressed and in considerable pain. I found Sue totally professional and determined to reduce my pain level and increase my mobility. I felt immediately that I had full confidence in her and respected her advice.

    My improvement was remarkable and I am extremely motivated to follow her advice.  I am so thankful for the recommendation to make an appointment with her. - Sandra

  • The muscle activation work performed by Sue Mills and her staff at Romsey Physiotherapy is simply incredible. As a Sports Massage Therapist and former top level swimmer and golfer in my youth, I believed I knew the human body and the way it worked pretty well. I have had lower back and neck pain of some form for over 15yrs, along with recently worsening pain and swelling in my hands, which I believed was from a history of sport and present of sitting at a computer for 8 hours a day. Then I was “Activated" by Sue and was astonished by the immediate change in my body and the pains I had been experiencing. With my muscles working in the correct order and no over-compensation taking place in my body, it instantly started working correctly, with no pain at all. I literally couldn’t slouch in my chair on the car journey home, had to raise the rear view mirror and move my seat further away. I now “activate” myself every day and when combined with exercises, I am experiencing pain free days for the first time in a very long time! I cannot recommend Activation by Sue and the team highly enough. - Stephen 

  • "I would thoroughly recommend Romsey Physio to anyone seeking professional help with their various (joint) problems. In fact I have and have had good feedback. Well done to you all, great asset to Romsey and thank you for you help".- Trisha

  • "I have been having physiotherapy with Sue Mills and her team since 1995!! Various injuries including whiplash, shoulders, back, achilles, knees mostly due to sports related problems. In many cases others have been unable to diagnose the cause and treat effectively. I thoroughly recommend the professional and friendly service I have received over 20 years".

    Thank you for your help".- Susan

  • The Muscle activation treatment that I received at Romsey Physiotherapy Clinic  is an excellent, safe and effective, non-invasive treatment for an irritable bladder.  My Symptoms of stress incontinence and urgency have been greatly reduced, if not eliminated, by a few sessions of the muscle activation treatment with the physio  and  just 3 minutes of simple exercises every day to maintain the improvement.  - Bobby

  • "Friendly, efficient and professional service always provided at Romsey Physiotherapy. I can’t recommend them highly enough".- Margaret

  • For years my life was governed by where the next toilet facilities were. The new activation muscle treatment that I have been receiving has worked where traditional methods and exercises have failed. I am now able to control my bladder and I am now free to live my life to the full and I can't thank Sue enough.- Agnes


  • Good news! Having been diagnosed with a posterior vaginal wall prolapse last spring, I was keen to avoid a ring or surgery if at all possible. Listening to a (retired consultant) friend talking about how muscle activation massage had been very helpful for her prolapse, albeit of a different type, I asked if she thought it would be of benefit to me. Absolutely, was the reply, so I've had a series of visits to Sue Mills at Romsey Physiotherapy for treatment and, most importantly, clear instruction on how to perform the daily muscle activation massages for myself. Whilst not a cure, this has kept the problem in check and I'm delighted to be able to do my weekly Fit4Life exercise class with no difficulty, and I am very pleased to have had this treatment recommended.- Chris

  • What a find! Sue knew exactly how I was feeling and understood my problem and how to make things better for me. I can honestly say I feel 80% better already!  My pain has reduced so much, I haven’t felt this good in 5 years.

    Thank you so much for putting me back together again.- Wendy

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