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Patient Information and guidance for new COVID PROCEDURES

As of Monday 13th June 2022

  • You will no longer be required to wear a mask during your physiotherapy treatment or in the waiting areas.

  • Your physiotherapist and non-clinical staff likewise no longer be required to wear a mask


  • Should you be more comfortable wearing a mask during your treatment or wish your physiotherapist to wear a mask then we are very happy to do so at YOUR REQUEST.

  • Should you or any of our staff clinical or non-clinical have any concerns for coughs runny nose temperature anything that could be Covid related then we would ask everyone to be responsible and wear a mask to reduce the spread of any bugs Covid or otherwise.

  • Finally, we will continue to risk assess each patient in line with Public Health England guidelines and as a result may advise to continue wearing masks for the immunosuppressed and clinically vulnerable patients.

CSP Policy Guidelines

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Legal, regulatory and professional responsibilities.

Risk assessment of the working environment for which you are responsible.

Infection prevention and control measures.

Access to personal protective equipment.

Patient risk assessment and clinical reasoning.

 Patient consent for treatment

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