Patient Information and guidance for new COVID PROCEDURES



  • Ring the doorbell on arrival where you will be invited into the appropriate waiting area.

  • You will then need to read and sign the consent form.


  • You will be asked to wash your hands or use the hand gel sanitiser on arrival.

  • You will be required to wear a new facemask only provided by Romsey Physiotherapy on the door when arriving for your appointment. This shall be worn at all times.

  • A £1.50 PPE charge shall be automatically applied to your bill. This charge covers compulsory PPE items and additional hygiene and safety measures that have been put in place.


  • Please allow staff to open and close all doors during your appointment.


  • At the end of your treatment you will be asked to sanitise your hands again, before making payment with card only. No cash will be accepted.


  • Toilet facilities will be available.


- We will email you a link to the zoom consultation. Zoom can be downloaded and accessed by all devices. Tutorials on how to download zoom with a step to set guide can be found by simply searching online.


- A lot can be achieved with Zoom. We have been using this process to support many patients over the past 10 weeks with excellent if not surprisingly positive feedback. And reduced risks 

- Video and PDF support can be provided and advised for exercise programmes.

CSP Policy Guidelines

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Legal, regulatory and professional responsibilities.

Risk assessment of the working environment for which you are responsible.

Infection prevention and control measures.

Access to personal protective equipment.

Patient risk assessment and clinical reasoning.

 Patient consent for treatment