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What you need to know about Romsey Physiotherapy Clinic

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Romsey Physiotherapy consists of a team of highly qualified chartered physiotherapists. These physios each have their own unique and individualist qualities and specialisms. They range from crossfit, iron-man fitness, yoga, pilates, horse riding, golf and rugby, to neurological conditions such as Parkinson's and so much more.

All of the physiotherapists at Romsey Physio were carefully selected by Sue Mills MCSP (Owner) whose priority was to make sure each physio has great personable skills and positive work ethic with lots of ambition and passion to help patients.

The team at Romsey Physio always keep eachother up to date with the latest incredible techniques and discoveries they have found with patients. This isn't just any ordinary physiotherapy practice, it is a family run, close-knit, highly professional and welcoming practice where over 80% of our patients have found us through recommendations/word of mouth and referrals from GP's and consultants.

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