Did you know one in three women suffer from urinary leaking/urgency? 

Sometimes it can be very mild and just a nuisance but for others it can be embarrassing and life changing. How many times have you been taught pelvic floor exercises, and how many times do you actually wonder if you’re doing them correctly or can even feel anything happening? These are all very common feelings, but the good news is there is something you can do very easily to help this.

At Romsey Physiotherapy, we have been treating patients in a DIFFERENT way, with amazing results. Let me explain.                                                                                                                                 

Every muscle in our body has a purpose, its ‘own job’. When all our muscles are working properly and in the correct sequence then we have normal strength, flexibility and integrity throughout our bodies

When this patterning however becomes altered, say following surgery, hysterectomy, pain inhibition, child birth, bad postures, the list goes on……… our bodies have to try and compensate for the muscles that are no longer working properly. This causes repercussions within our muscular system.

Our ‘pelvic floor’ is not just one muscle, it’s a whole unit. Think of a drinks can. There’s a top – your diaphragm, the floor – your perineum and numerous muscles around the sides, the hip flexors, your glutes, your abdominals, back extensors, connective tissue and more.

These muscles ALL work together in order to help control the flow of urine.  
Good bladder control is only going to happen if ALL the muscles are doing their job properly NOT just the pelvic floor/perineum muscles.


At Romsey Physiotherapy Clinic we use a technique which re-activates or re-boots the brain into remembering which muscles should be doing what and when. They are all still there, but have just gone to sleep a bit!!! We do this by testing your muscle strength in a different functional way, to assess where the weakness is and then by applying pressure to certain points we can improve the brains neural firing or connections to these muscles in order to ‘wake them up’ so to speak.

The effect is usually instant and measurable so we can be, not only effective very quickly but also objective. Just a few sessions of manual muscle activation treatment re-activates the whole muscle and connective tissue complex that helps to control your water works, so when you do your pelvic floor exercises you can actually feel something happening! We then teach you how to maintain this improvement and give you a refined programmed of muscle activations and specific exercises.  It makes sense!!!

If this applies to you book in to see one of our female physiotherapists who will take you through this simple programme, professionally and confidentially, with no embarrassing internal examinations or weights etc needed. You won’t look back!

We find on average it takes four to six sessions with the emphasis on teaching you how to maintain the improvements.

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