1. Legal, regulatory and professional responsibilities

  • Current Risk – Covid19 transmission

  • Risk Mitigation Strategies:

Romsey Physiotherapy Clinic Limited, will abide by the guidelines and information provided by the government, and public health England, HCPC and CSP in line with legal, regulatory and professional responsibilities.

Working within the legal, regulatory and professional frameworks, guides the safe management of patients, the safety of the wider public and the clinician.

The guidelines mentioned include the following:

All registered physiotherapists owe a duty of care to their patients. A duty of care is a legal responsibility to provide a reasonable standard of care to patients and to act in ways that protect their safety. The CSP directs members to uphold the statutory standards for UK-wide registration through its duty of care guidance.



Further, registered physiotherapists must comply with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) standards of conduct performance and ethics. https://www.hcpc- uk.org/standards/standards-of-conduct-performance-and-ethics/


They must also comply with the HCPC standards of proficiency for physiotherapists



In the context of COVID-19, these responsibilities extend to physiotherapists ensuring that they:

Comply with government social distancing and shielding directives and mitigate as far as reasonably practicable the risk of transmitting the disease to patients and the wider general public, particularly to those in the vulnerable and extremely vulnerable categories. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/guidance-on-shielding-andprotecting-extremely- vulnerable-persons-from-covid-19

Use appropriate personal protective equipment and manage any clinical areas in accordance with COVID-19 infection prevention and control regulations. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/wuhan-novel-coronavirusinfection-prevention- and-control


2. Risk assessment of the working environment for which you are responsible

  • Current Risk – Covid19 transmission

  • Risk Mitigation Strategies:

Romsey Physiotherapy Clinic Limited will consider social distancing directives https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus and government IPC guidance https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/wuhannovel- coronavirus-infection-prevention-and-control

Romsey Physiotherapy Clinic Limited has used these guidelines together with additional information from the Health and Safety Executive https://www.hse.gov.uk/workers/employers.htm and government advice on working safely during COVID-19 https://www.gov.uk/guidance/working-safely-duringcoronavirus-covid-19 in order to undertake a risk assessment of the clinic environment and has put in place the following mitigating actions to manage risks:

Romsey Physiotherapy Clinic Limited will operate two separate treatment rooms and two separate waiting areas. Appointments will be staggered, and social distancing measures and signs will be in place. If a child attends with a parent, or a caregiver with a patient, then the option will be for this other person to be present in the clinic room as long as they also wear a mask and remain 2m from the clinician.

The toilet facilities will be closed to minimise risk of viral transmission. Hand washing and hand gel facilities will be available for full use. The drinking water dispenser will also be out of use and all magazines and linen have been be removed to minimise risk of viral transmission.

All equipment will be wiped down and will be thoroughly cleaned with appropriate and Public Health England approved sanitiser for Covid-19 in between each patient and additional time will be allowed for this.  

The windows will be open for air flow (as long as confidentiality permits)

Appropriate PPE will be worn by the physiotherapist and the patient will be asked to also wear a mask or face covering. This can be bought at the clinic for £1.50p which will be added to the bill or they can bring their own face covering/mask.

Face to face contact will be kept as short as feasibly possible and additional information provided virtually.

Where possible treatments will be reasoned so that the patient and clinician are not facing each other. For example, no treatments to the neck with the patient supine and clinician leaning over the patient.

The receptionist will be behind a Perspex fitted screen and payments will only be made via card payment at the practice or via phone.

There will be no handling of cash.

3. Infection prevention and control measures

  • Current Risk – Covid19 transmission

  • Risk Mitigation Strategies:

Public Health England Covid19 infection prevention and control guidelines will be followed by Romsey Physiotherapy Clinic Limited.

Equipment in the clinic room will be kept to a minimum.

Equipment to be cleaned with government approved (Covid19 appropriate) sanitiser between patients. Door handles, and any other furniture or equipment that has been touched, will be wiped down.

Reception: All surfaces, chair handles, door handles, use of card machine and computer equipment will be wiped down as frequently as deemed appropriate.

Patients to be spread out throughout the day to allow for thorough cleaning of the clinic room.

All cleaning to be carried out by Romsey Physiotherapy Clinic Limited.

Where hands on treatment or closer therapeutic input is not required 2m social distancing will be abided by at all times. For example, assessing movement patterns and directing exercises.

Where face to face contact and manual therapy is required and appropriate, efforts will be made to limit contact time to approximately 15 minutes.

Only one clinician and one patient in the clinic at any time (with the exceptions of parents and carers as mentioned above).

Patients to ring bell on arrival and wait to be escorted into the appropriate waiting area.

Masks to be worn by the attending patient, PHE Covid-19 guidelines for donning and doffing will be followed.

PPE to be worn by Romsey Physiotherapy Clinic Limited for the full consultation, PHE Covid-19 guidelines for donning and doffing will be followed.

Hand washing regularly as per gov guidelines and clinical need, PHE Covid-19 guidelines for donning and doffing will be followed.

All used PPE and cleaning equipment will be discarded into black double bagged bin liners and left for 72hours prior to disposal into normal household waste.

4. Access to personal protective equipment

  • Current Risk – Covid19 transmission

  • Risk Mitigation Strategies:

PPE as per PHE Covid-19 guidelines mask, gloves and apron will be worn by all physiotherapists at Romsey Physiotherapy Clinic Limited. Receptionists will wear masks and gloves where appropriate and predominantly remain behind the Perspex screen.

‘Donning and doffing’ of PPE will take place as per PHE Covid-19 guidelines.

Patient will be asked to wear face masks as provided, PHE Covid-19 guidelines for donning and doffing will be followed.

Visors will be available to physiotherapists should they feel the need to do so.

Facemasks to be worn ONE per session but should be changed in the event of moisture or any form of droplet accumulation/contact.

Gloves and aprons will be readily available and changed between each patient.

5. ‘Virtual first’ approaches

  • Current Risk – Covid19 transmission

  •  Risk Mitigation Strategies:
    All triage assessments will be Virtual via email/ phone. No patient will be seen in clinic as a walk in or if a virtual assessment has not been completed first.

6. Patient risk assessment and clinical reasoning

  • Current Risk – Covid19 transmission

  • Risk Mitigation Strategies:

Virtual triage assessments will be completed for all patients.

Patient’s will be risk assessed to assess if they have a clinical need for face to face assessment or whether continued virtual appointments are more appropriate. Patients will also be risk assessed based upon their need for shielding from Covid19.

All decisions will be made in conjunction with the patient. All reasoning will be made clear to the patient regarding risks and risk mitigation. Patients’ will be fully engaged in the clinical reasoning process and their wants and needs will be included in the decision-making process for ‘face to face or not’. The chartered physiotherapists decision will be final and based on clinical reasoning and safety for both patient and clinician.

7. Patient consent for treatment

Once the above risks and mitigations of risks have been explained and understood the patient has the opportunity, if appropriate, to consent for a face to face appointment. Face to face appointments can only go ahead if the patient understands the risks, is happy with the procedures in place to mitigate risk and feels that the need for treatment is justified over and above that of a virtual appointment.

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