Neuro Muscular Activation



Neuromuscular Activations is a very powerful technique that stimulates the nervous system in order to improve the connections between the brain and our muscles. Sometimes our muscles stop working effectively, they become switched off causing injury, pain and lack of function or performance. These activation techniques literally "re-boot" the brain into remembering what the body should be doing and when. 

The brain is incredible, just as your Satellite Navigation notices a road block it will re-route you, so your brain does the same by re-routing your muscles. For example, when you sprain an ankle you don't think 'oh I must limp' it just happens automatically. Unfortunately if those compensatory movement patterns become established, poor function and pain will ensue.


How does it work?

Neuro muscular activations works by interrupting existing bad neural patterns that have become established in the brain and "re-setting" the correct ones. Muscles can then return from a state of tension and pain to normal length, strength and function.

How quick does it work?

These shifts in strength and flexibility are often immediate and dramatic, returning our bodies to a state of resilience, strength, power and flexibility. It is really quite mind blowing and most patients feel a noticeable change before they leave the clinic. We always test a structure first, then treat and re-test so we can be totally objective as to the outcome. Once the body has been re-activated we can then teach patients how to maintain this easily and quickly.

Who is it for?

Just about everyone can benefit from this activation treatment. Neuro muscular activation techniques will help in resolving pain and dysfunction, improving balance and mobility, improving sporting performance. Literally everything from chronic neck pain, headaches, to neurological conditions such as Parkinson's disease and strokes. Please refer to our testimonials.




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